20 September 2017

Vietnamese Fleet will Add Three More Large Vessels

20 September 2017

Gepard 3.9 with temporary hull number from the shipyard (photo : parxis)

From now to early 2018, the Vietnam Navy and the Vietnam Coast Guard will put into service three large patrol ships and guards.

Last week, the first Gepard 3.9 rocket train belonging to Russia's second pair of ships to Vietnam was picked up by the super-heavy Rolldock Star ship.

The ship has officially left the port of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea, which is expected to last for more than a month.

Prior to that, Zelenodolsk Shipyard CEO Renat Mistahov announced that the couple's second Gepard 3.9 will be handed over in November.

So including the time to go to sea around January 1/1818 Vietnam will receive enough pairs.

At present, the Coast Guard has successfully completed the US Coast Guard (USCGC Morgenthau) (US Coast Guard) (WHEC 722) receiving vessel from the US Coast Guard, which has received the new number of CSB 8020.

The CSB 8020 of Vietnam ex USCGC Morgenthau (WHEC 722) of the US Coast Guard. (photo : Maritime Hawaii)

As is customary for the duration of the transfer as well as the training process, it is very likely that the ship will leave for Vietnam after the end of September 2017.

Because of the swim from Honolulu to the water, not depending on the heavy transport ship, the cruise time in the sea will only take a few weeks.

Therefore, it may be possible for the Vietnam Coast Guard to put the CSB 8020 on duty before the Navy's 3.9 Gepard pair.

Thanks to the addition of three large ships in a short time, Vietnam's maritime power will increase significantly compared to the present.

In the near future, when deploying the project of building six new patrol boats in the country, plus 6 Japanese ODA-funded vessels, and some old ships delivered by Korea, Vietnam is capable enough to ensure Maintain the sovereignty of the sea island of the country.


Lanud Atang Senjaya (ATS) Bogor Menerima 2 Helikopter EC-725 AP Caracal

20 September 2017

Lanud Atang Senjaya (ATS) Bogor menerima dua unit pesawat helikopter EC-725 AP Caracal dari PT Dirgantara Indonesia (photo : TribunNews)

Tingkatkan Kekuatan TNI AU, Lanud Atang Senjaya Kedatangan 2 Helikopter Dari PT Dirgantara Indonesia

TRIBUNNEWSBOGOR.COM, BOGOR BARAT - Lanud Atang Senjaya (ATS) Bogor menerima dua unit pesawat helikopter dari PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Selasa (19/9/2017).

Dua pesawat tersebut diantaranya adalah pesawat helikopter EC-725 AP Caracal dengan nomor registrasi HT-7205 dan HT-7206.

Penerimaan dua pesawat helikopter itu sendiri merupakan sisa dari total jumlah enam pesawat yang dipesan dari PT Dirgantara Indonesia, sebab sebelumnya telah diterima sebanyak empat pesawat.

Kehadiran kedua pesawat HT-7205 dan HT-7206 disambut dalam bentuk tradisi penerimaan pesawat yang berlaku di TNI Angkatan Udara Lanud ATS.

Asrena Kasau, Marsda TNI Fahru Zaini Isnanto mengatakan, dengan adanya tambahan dua pesawat tersebut maka kekuatan TNI Angkatan Udara secara umum dan Skadron Udara 8 Wing 4 Lanud ATS secara khusus akan bertambah.

"Pembelian pesawat helikopter EC-725 AP Caracal ini juga sekaligus melengkapi empat pesawat helikopter EC-725 AP Caracal sebelumnya," katanya dalam siaran pers yang diterima TribunnewsBogor.com.

Dia pun berharap dengan bertambahnya kekuatan pesawat tersebut, kegiatan operasi yang dilaksanakan Lanud ATS bisa semakin ditingkatkan.

“Kemudian juga dalam pelaksanaan kegiatan operasi, saya berharap dapat berjalan dengan aman dan lancar," terangnya.

Hal senada diungkapkan oleh Direktur Niaga PT Dirgantara Indonesia, Irzal Rinaldi Zailani yanga hadir dalam penerimaan dua pesawat itu di Lanud ATS.

“Dengan terus bertambahnya kekuatan pesawat di TNI Angkatan Udara yang semakin canggih, akan membuat Indonesia semakin disegani oleh negara-negara lain”, ucap Irzal.

Sebagai informasi, dalam kegiatan serah terima dua pesawat itu sendiri, Lanud ATS turut mengadakan kegiatan istighosah dengan menghadirkan 50 orang anak yatim dari panti asuhan Doratun Solihin Bogor untuk mendoakan agar pesawat yang baru tersebut dapat dipergunakan secara baik, aman dan lancar serta terhindar dari bencana.


19 September 2017

Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 Selesai Menjalani Major Servicing

19 September 2017

Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 (photo : Eda Perkasa)

Setelah Melaksanakan Major Servicing Hawk MK-209 Pulang Kandang

Penlanud Abd - Pesawat Hawk Mk-209 merupakan pesawat tempur ringan buatan Inggris British Aerospace (BAE) dengan nomor seri IS-002 dan nomor Registrasi TT-0204 masuk ke Sathar untuk pemeliharaan major servicing pada tanggal 26 Oktober 2016 dan 15 September 2017 pesawat tersebut telah selesai masa perawatannya dan siap mengikuti latihan operasi berikutnya.

Pesawat tempur Hawk Mk-209 TT-0204 milik Skadron Udara 12 Lanud Roesmin Nurjadin Pekan Baru Setelah hampir satu tahun mengalami pemeliharaan Major Servicing di Sathar 32 Depohar 30 Lanud Abd Saleh Malang, hari ini Jumat (15/9) diserahkan kembali ke home basenya bertempat di lapangan apel Sathar 32 Depohar 30 yang ditandai dengan penandatanganan berita acara penyerahan oleh Komandan Depohar 30 Kolonel Tek Edy Supriyono, SE kepada pilotnya Mayor Pnb Ferdinal Umar didampingi Kapten Pnb Martono disaksikan oleh Komandan Sathar 32 dan para pejabat Depohar 30 beserta anggotanya.

Satuan Pemeliharaan 32 (Sathar 32), satuan pelaksana dibawah Depo Pemeliharaan 30 (Depohar 30) Lanud Abdulrachman Saleh Malang mempunyai tugas melaksanakan pembuatan / perbaikan tingkat berat beragam pesawat tempur dari jenis Su-27/30, Super Tucano, Hawk 100/200 dan pesawat Cassa C-212.

“Setelah hampir satu tahun tepatnya tanggal 15 September 2017, Sathar 32 telah berhasil melakukan pengerjaan major servicing (servis berat) pesawat tempur Hawk Mk-209 dibawah komando Komandan Sathar 32 Mayor Tek Slamet Riyanto, S.T., dan telah dilaksanakan test flight beberapa kali dengan hasil baik.” Tegas Nya Hingga hari ini pesawat Hawk Mk-209 masih tes flight dengan melakukan terbang low pass di area Lanud Abd Saleh. Berdasarkan SPT: Spt/1769/IX/2017 Tgl 15-09-2017 Pesawat dinyatakan release rencananya hawk Mk-209 akan kembali ke sarangnya Tgl 18 September 2017.


P6.7B Allocated for Brand New Coast Guard Air, Sea Assets

19 September 2017

Philippine Coast Guard incoming assets (image : pdff)

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has been allocated with PHP6.7 billion for the acquisition of sea and air assets in 2018, House appropriations committee member Surigao del Sur Representative Johnny Pimentel said. PHP3.1 billion was lodged in the budget of the PCG itself, while P3.6 billion is in the allocation of its mother agency, the Department of Transportation.

“The fresh funding will help pay for the acquisition of 10 newly built 44-meter patrol boats from Japan, of which five have already been delivered to the PCG,” Pimentel said.

The budget will also be used for the French-built four 24-meter fast boats and 82-meter vessel expected to be delivered in 12 months and in 2019, respectively.

The PCG is also acquiring two Japan-made 94-meter patrols vessels expected to be delivered in 2020 and 2021. “The 94-meter boats in particular can operate continuously for 15 days, so they can help reinforce existing Philippine Navy and PCG vessels that are now guarding our exclusive economic zone in the West Philippine Sea,” Pimentel said.

He added that the PCG is also spending PHP922 million for firearms, PHP686 million for a chopper meant for deployment aboard a boat and PHP682 million for smaller watercraft.

4000 new PCG uniformed personnel will also be hired in preparation for upcoming new assets. “We’ve increased from 8,930 this year to 12,930 in 2018 the authorized positions for uniformed PCG personnel,” Pimentel said.

PCG is also acquiring 7 to 15 meters high-performance rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) which can be deployed from bigger patrol vessels.

“These high-speed RIBs will be helpful in vessel interdiction and non-compliant boarding team operations. They can also help fight off terrorists as well as drug smugglers aboard motorized boats,” he said.


Indonesian Navy Outlines Specifications for Seventh LPD

19 September 2017

The Indonesian Navy is finalising parameters for a seventh landing platform dock ship. Vessel is projected to be the most complex LPD yet, given its secondary role as a command ship (photo : defence.pk)

The Indonesian Navy (Tentara Nasional Indonesia – Angkatan Laut, or TNI-AL) is in the process of outlining requirements for a seventh landing platform dock (LPD) ship, and is expected to request a sum of about USD72 million from the government for this acquisition, sources from the service’s headquarters in Cilangkap confirmed with Jane’s on 18 September.

This information has since been corroborated with an official from shipbuilder PT PAL in Surabaya, who confirmed that the company is in discussions with TNI-AL for a seventh LPD, but emphasised that a formal contract for the platform has yet to materialise. “The LPD is similar to the five vessels [already in fleet] and the one under construction, but it will be more complex”, the official told Jane’s , without giving further details.

PT PAL laid down the keel for the sixth vessel in Surabaya on 28 August. The platform is based on a design by South Korea's Dae Sun Shipbuilding and Engineering. The shipyard had previously constructed two similar platforms, KRI Banjarmasin (592) and KRI Banda Aceh (593), for the TNI–AL in-country.

Three earlier ships in the class, KRI Dr Soeharso (990), KRI Makassar (590), and KRI Surabaya (591), were built in Busan, South Korea by Dae Sun, with officials and engineers from PT PAL understudying the construction works under a knowledge transfer agreement. Dr Soeharso is currently operated by the TNI–AL as a hospital ship.


Sixth RAAF KC-30A Arrives at Amberley

19 September 2017

Sixth RAAF KC-30A (photo : ADBR)

The sixth Airbus Defence and Space KC-30A MRTT for the RAAF arrived at Amberley, south-east Queensland on September 1.

The former A330-203 airliner saw service with Qantas and Jetstar as VH-EBH and first flew in 2007. It was converted to MRTT configuration by Airbus Defence and Space at Getafe near Madrid and arrived at Amberley, where it will enter service with 33 Squadron, wearing its Spanish test registration MRTT039.

The aircraft requires the completion of airworthiness directive (AD) and service bulletin (SB) work, Australian Defence Business Review understands, as well as hardware and software configuration upgrades to bring it up to a common standard with the RAAF’s five existing KC-30As before being accepted into service.

Once the ADs and SBs have been addressed and signed-off on by an Airbus-certified authority the aircraft can be accepted onto the Commonwealth register as A39-006.

The RAAF’s seventh and final MRTT, also a former Qantas A330 – VH-EBI – is currently being modified to MRTT standard at Getafe. Along with its standard air-to-air refuelling capabilities, A39-007 will also feature a “government transport” VIP interior. It is due for delivery in late 2019.

The government approved Project AIR 7403 Phase 3 for the acquisition of two additional KC-30As in June 2015.


Tahun Depan, Pindad Produksi 100 "Medium Tank" Pesanan Kemenhan

19 September 2017

Tank medium Pindad (photo : fallenpx)

BANDUNG, KOMPAS.com - PT Pindad bersama FNSS Turki tengah membuat dua unit purwarupa medium tank. Satu medium tank saat ini sudah selesai dan segera menjalankan tes ledak.

"Satu dibuat di Turki satu dibuat di Indonesia. Prototipe pertama sudah selesai dan akan ditampilkan dalam parade 5 Oktober 2017 (HUT TNI) mendatang," ujar Direktur Utama PT Pindad Abraham Mose seusai sarasehan industri pertahanan di PT Pindad, Jalan Gatot Subroto, Kota Bandung, Senin (18/9/2017).

Abraham menjelaskan, purwarupa pertama akan menjalani tes ledak setelah dipamerkan 5 Oktober 2017. Tes ledak akan menyempurnakan purwarupa kedua yang akan dibuat di Indonesia. 

"Apa akan terjadi perubahan deformasi. Kalau terjadi deformasi baru kita lanjutkan prototipe kedua sehingga betul-betul sempurna," tuturnya. 

Setelah sempurna, PT Pindad akan mulai memproduksi pesanan medium tank dari Kementerian Pertahanan sebanyak 300 unit. Pengerjaan dilakukan 2018 mendatang.

"Kebutuhan (Kemenhan) paling tidak sampai 300 unit. Tapi tahun pertama 100 dulu," jelasnya.

Abraham menambahkan, PT Pindad dipastikan tidak bekerja sendiri dalam memproduksi 100 unit medium tank pesanan Kementrian Pertahanan.

Meski sudah memesan,  PT Pindad belum bisa membeberkan nilai kontrak produksi 100 unit medium tank. Sebab hingga kini, harga jualnya belum diketahui.

"Tahap pertama belum bisa sendiri. Kerja sama dengan siapa, kita akan tetapkan nanti untuk menyuplai baja dan lain-lain," ungkapnya. 

Mengenai keunggulan produk, Abraham mengatakan, medium tank tidak jauh berbeda dengan tank leopard yang sudah diproduksi sebelumnya. "Medium tank ini lebih kecil sedikit dari Leopard. Kurang lebih sama kemampuannya, battle tank medium," tandasnya.