01 Oktober 2016

Philippine Air Force Outlines Procurement Priorities

01 Oktober 2016

Philippine Air Force (PAF) wants to buy an additional 36 KAI FA-50s (photo : adroth)

Speaking at the Asian Defence and Security 2016 (ADAS 2016) exhibition in Manila, a senior PAF officer involved in the planning of Flight Plan 2028 said these priorities include securing orders of additional light combat aircraft and attack helicopters.

The PAF ordered 12 FA-50 light combat aircraft in March 2014, with deliveries starting in December 2015 and scheduled to conclude in late 2017. The officer said the PAF is aiming to procure an additional 36 FA-50s in order to meet a requirement specified in Flight Plan 2028 to "detect, intercept, and neutralise" any perceived threat in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ).

He also confirmed that the PAF would look to secure government approval for the additional FA-50s following the delivery of the initial 12 aircraft.

Philippine Air Force (PAF) wants to buy 12 more Leonardo AW109 helicopters (photo : Manila Times)

In addition, the official said the PAF is seeking to procure 12 more AW109 Power light attack helicopters produced by Finmeccanica (Leonardo from January 2017). The PAF has already acquired eight AW109s ordered in November 2013 and delivered from 2014.

The official confirmed that the requirement for additional AW109s had become more urgent for the PAF since president Rodrigo Duterte took office in June 2016.

He said Duterte has tasked the PAF with focusing on addressing anti-terrorism and anti-insurgency, and as a result the Philippine administration has moved the new AW109 acquisition into the so-called 'second horizon' procurement plan, which runs from 2018-23. The requirement was previously scheduled for the third horizon, he confirmed.

According to the official, other near-term procurement priorities include close air-support (CAS) aircraft and additional transport aircraft, while a longer-term requirement is multirole combat aircraft.


Yonif 521 Kediri Menjadi Batalyon Mekanis

01 Oktober 2016

Yonif 521 menjadi Yonif Mek Kodam V Brawijaya (photo : zonasatu)

Yonif Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha Kediri Bakal Dipersenjatai Panser Anoa

SURYAMALANG.COM, KEDIRI - Pasukan Batalyon Infantri (Yonif) Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha yang bermarkas di Jl Ahmad Yani, Kota Kediri bakal dipersenjatai dengan kendaraan tempur panser Anoa buatan PT Pindad.

Persenjataan panser ini seiring dengan perubahan dari Batalyon Infantri menjadi Batalyon Infantri Mekanis. Yonif 521 Dadaha Yodha kini telah menjadi Yonif Mekanis Kodam V Brawijaya.

Komandan Batalyon Infantri (Danyonif) Mekanis 521 Dadaha Yodha, Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto menjelaskan, dengan perubahan menjadi Batalyon Infantri Mekanis ada perubahan struktur organisasi dan material perlengkapan.

Saat ini garasi untuk tempat penyimpanan kendaraan tempur Anoa selesai dibangun. Lokasi garasi ini berada di utara lapangan.

"Secara bertahap nanti segera tiba kendaraan tempurnya. Sekarang tengah disiapkan personel yang menjadi pengemudinya," jelas Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto, Jumat (30/9/2016).

Tahap pertama bakal tiba 6 unit kendaraan tempur Anoa. "Kami harus menyiapkan terlebih dahulu kesiapan pangkalannya. Karena kendaraan perlu rute untuk latihan dan pemanasan kendaraan tempur," jelasnya.

Untuk pengemudi kendaraan tempur ini akan dilakukan pelatihan khusus bekerja sama dengan batalyon mekanis yang lain.

"Dengan berubah menjadi batalyon mekanis nanti manuver pasukan bakal lebih maksimal. Penetrasi ke sasaran dan pengamanan maksimal. Termasuk pengamanan VIP," jelasnya.

Mayor Inf Made Sandy Agusto yang menggantikan pejabat lama Letkol Inf Slamet Winarto, bertekat akan menyiapkan personel Yonif Mekanis 521 menjadi prajurit yang berdisiplin dan menjadi kebanggaan masyarakat.

(Surya Malang)

RMAF to Get Fourth Airbus A400M Next Year

01 Oktober 2016

RMAF A400M airlifter (photo : flee)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is expected to receive its fourth Airbus A400M aircraft early next year.

Its chief Jen Tan Sri Roslan Saad said the military transport aircraft was the last of four bought by the RMAF.

The first aircraft was delivered in March 2015, the second came early this year while the third was received in the middle of this year.

Roslan said the aircraft sported sophisticated technology and would enhance air defence systems.

“The fourth aircraft will be equipped with new software,” he told reporters after pinning ranks on 17 senior RMAF officers at the Defence Ministry yesterday.

The A400M is a long-range transport aircraft that is also used for medical evacuation, air-to-air refuelling and disaster relief.

(The Star)

30 September 2016

PTDI Provides Details Behind Delays of Philippine Air Force's NC212i Deliveries

30 September 2016

NC-212i of the PAF (photo : pdff)

State-owned aircraft manufacturer PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PTDI) has denied media reports that delays to two light utility turboprop transport aircraft on order for the Philippine Air Force (PAF) stem from manufacturer faults.

The Philippine government awarded a contract for two NC212i aircraft to PTDI in 2014 and was originally scheduled to receive the platforms in mid-2016.

"The two platforms are ready and have been completed according to manufacturing schedule," said Teguh Gratio, an area sales manager for PTDI, in a meeting with IHS Jane's at the ADAS 2016 exhibition in Manila. "However, there has been a delay in the integration and certification of the aircraft's auto-pilot system."


Rafael Expands Market Share in the Philippines

30 September 2016

Rafael Spike N-LOS  (photo : Jane's)

Israeli company Rafael has recently boosted its presence in the Philippine defence market significantly and is looking for further opportunities to supply its systems to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Haim Jacobovitz, the company's vice president for international marketing, told IHS Jane's on 28 September.

Spike ER missile (photo : i-hls)

Speaking at the Asian Defence and Security 2016 (ADAS 2016) exhibition in Manila, Jacobovitz confirmed that the company has, in the past two years, secured a range of orders from the Philippine Navy (PN) to supply its Mini-Typhoon 12.7 mm lightweight naval machine gun mount, its Spike-ER (extended range) missile system, and its Spike-NLOS (non-line-of-sight) missile system.


Commissioning of SAFARI Weapon Locating Radar (WLR)

30 September 2016

SAFARI weapon locating radar (all photos ; The Singapore Army)

The SAFARI Weapon Locating Radar (WLR) was commissioned this evening. Highly mobile and responsive, the SAFARI WLR enhances Army’s force protection against indirect fires.

Its commissioning today, held in conjunction with the turn-ops parade of the SAFARI WLR Detachment from 24 SA, marks a milestone in the Singapore Artillery’s 3rd Generation Transformation!

Chief of Army, MG Melvyn Ong, emphasised that the successful operationalisation of the SAFARI enables the Army to “leverage on technological advancements to enhance our capabilities while right sizing manpower demands”.

With the introduction of the SAFARI WLR, the battery size will be reduced from the usual 18 men crew to 11 men. The newest early warning technology of the SAFARI will also“strengthen our networked sense and strike capabilities” and ensure that our troops “will be better protected, more efficient and deadlier in the battlefield”.

(The Singapore Army)

Thales Looks to Leverage Starstreak Success in the Philippines

30 September 2016

Thales is marketing the Starstreak to the Philippines, following its successes in Southeast Asia. (photo : Seradata)

Thales sees "lots of potential" in the Philippines for its Starstreak high velocity missile air defence system, Mick Oliver, the company's business development director for advanced weapon systems, told IHS Jane's at the Asian Defence and Security 2016 (ADAS 2016) exhibition in Manila.

The French defence company has in recent years secured sales of its air defence systems to several countries in Southeast Asia. This success is seen as a reflection of the strategic concerns in the region, where territorial tensions are increasing.

Thales air defence customers in the region include the Malaysian Army and Royal Thai Army, which have procured the Starstreak systems, and the Indonesian Army, which has acquired the company's Forceshield integrated air defence system, which comprises several Thales technologies including the Starstreak, the Controlmaster 200 radar and weapon co-ordination system, the Rapidranger mobile fire-control system, and the Lightweight Multiple Launcher system.